June 21 - 27, 2024

6 Days of Transformational Travel


This is a Transformational Training for the Modern Day Priestess
taking place on the Sacred Isle of Samothraki, Greece

We all reach a time in our lives when we hear the call for something more: a deeper urge to transcend the old version of ourselves and get to know the luminescent, spirit warrior underneath. The one who is free, wild, intuitive and fiercely loving.

Join this special journey to uncover more of who you are and who you are meant to be in a deeply healing and expansive week with a community of activated SiSTARS.

The island brings us into harmonic resonance with cycles of nature and ancient spiritual traditions as we explore the power of sacred Feminine rituals and practices.



• Connecting your quantum field to the mystical nature of the sacred mountain and ocean of Samothrace in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods Temple to receive the codes of your medicine so that you step more fully into your power as an impact-driven soul. ​

• Breathing through timelines to transcend old stuck energy and toxic programs that have kept you enslaved to conformity so you are empowered to be the Creatrix of your new reality.​

• Activating Dormant Kundalini energy for awakening the true essence off the Divine Feminine as you heal your relationship w/ the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within for a massive paradigm shift in your most intimate relationships.​

• Connecting to ancestral wisdom to improve your Intuition and clear out the connections to limiting beliefs taken on from generations of your ancestry.

​• Dancing into ecstatic trance states of Joy and Divine Abundance so that your nervous system heals, rewires and sustains higher frequency states.

• ​​​Embodying the highest versions of the Goddess archetype to tune into the fullness of your personal power and sexy sovereignty

• ​​​Creating a lifelong, soul-aligned Tribe of amazing, beautiful SiSTARS that will have your back, serve and support your awakening


• ​​​Transformational/Bio-Dynamic Breathwork

• ​​​Kundalini Yoga

• ​​​Shamanic Practices- removing ancestral blocks

• ​​​Goddess Constellation-Receiving Information from Source

• ​​​Psycho-Spiritual Therapeutic Wisdom

• ​​​Ecstatic Dance/Embodiment Practices

• ​​​ Plus, whimsical waterfalls, turquoise ocean, mineral hot springs & tasty organic Greek food.




• 5 Night's Accommodations during the retreat

• 3 Healthy meals a day made w/ local organic produce

• Daily Transformational Program and Practices guided by Alana- Breathwork Ceremonies, Kundalini, Spiritual Psychology, Tantric and Taoist Meditations, Womb Healing, Dance, Inquiry Circles, Shamanic Practices, Magic Manifestation Practices

• Excursions to Waterfalls and Sacred Temple

• Boat ride to hidden beaches

• Relaxation, Nourishment and Ocean Time 

• Magic and Pleasure!

• Taxes and Fees

• NOT INCLUDED: Airfare, transportation to/from the retreat center

*** Please note that you'll have to arrange for transportation from the airport to the island by ferry. Car rental will be best option for getting around during the retreat and exploring Samothraki. There are no public transportation services on the island. So we will need 3 or 4 rental cars that you can split cost with other participants... which we will be happy to help you arrange this.



$3,000.00 USD



$2,760.00 USD

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LOCATION: The accommodations are set on a small, wild, lush island that doesn't have many amenities. Just a few restaurants, hotels and coffee shops in the town of Therma. However, it's extremely rich in nature which is why we are going there! You will reach the island of Samothraki by flying into Alexandroupolis Airport then taking the Zante Ferry (The ferry schedule for 2024 is not out yet). You will need to reserve your spot on the ferry before you arrive. Please try to coordinate your airport arrival with best times for the ferry and leave enough travel time on each end of the trip to arrive on time and leave in a relaxed manner. No need to spend the night in Alexandrauapolis if it's not necessary. There are options to spend time in Therma before/after the retreat. The retreat will begin at 4:30pm on June 21st and end at 10:30am on June 27th. ​
CANCELATION POLICY: Deposit is Non-Refundable after 90 days prior to the retreat. 60 days or less prior 33% of Full Price will be refunded. 60-45 days prior 15% of Full Price will be refunded. After 45 days Full Price of the retreat is Non-Refundable


“I came to the retreat seeking adventure travel with a deeper experience. Boy did Alana deliver! I considered myself to someone that is not spiritual or religious - or at least I've been seeking to understand the difference between spirituality and how it's different than religion. I learned SO MUCH and especially how to remove those labels. My eyes were opened to a category of people that are doing deeper energy work and what that means. I feel I listen to my intuition more consciously.

Alana is an absolute badass! She is an incredibly special soul and you know it the moment you meet her. She leads with huge amounts of Joy, deep knowledge and beautiful grace. She sees and includes everyone. Alana has an ability to connect to you instantly. She has a warm guiding style and presence that feels safe. Alana also brings the fun! The spontaneous dance parties and kick ass playlists were a blast! The conversation was approachable and lively. I felt that I could experience in my own style and everyone is welcome.

- Monique VanAssche-Dermer

"I would say that my life before the Galactic Goddess retreat was a little stuck and "lost in commute" ...

Going through the daily motions of caretaking without thinking too much of it.

After the retreat, I feel more relaxed and present in my day to day. I am observing myself and patterns through a new scope and it's transformative.

I think the biggest lesson I gained from this experience is allowing others to be "in process" or in pain... and not having to swoop in and "save" them. I am learning to allow for the discomfort without having to "fix". I also feel more IN MY POWER and in touch with my needs.

- Mackenzie Miller

"The Galactic Goddess retreat is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, with every element painstakingly tailored to create a seamless and enchanting experience. From the selection of awe-inspiring venues and sacred temples to the multifaceted activations, delectable culinary delights, and the incredible companions who've shared this transformative journey, every thread of this tapestry is delicately woven to form an intricate whole. In this nurturing environment, I've found it impossible to dissect any single aspect of the retreat, for they are all interlinked by an enchanting, invisible, golden thread.

This journey has been a voyage of profound intention, where each ceremony serves as a vital stepping stone along the path to reclaiming my inner strength and unlocking the innate gifts that reside within me. Each moment, imbued with love and grace, has allowed me to delve into the depths of my own capabilities, revealing boundless potential now within my grasp."

- Sara Z.




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