Welcome Luminous Warrior!


*Next Start Date September 2020*

The Luminous Warrior is for the man or woman who is coming into a deeper knowing of their power and needs a supportive bridge and guidance to let the old version go and explore who they are on the other side.

So many of us are waking up to a hunger for deeper meaning, connection to spirit and to find a way to have more impact. Let’s do this together! 

This program is right for you IF...

You are open-minded and highly value personal EVOLUTION. 

You have an interest in exploring the power of BREATHWORK and how to use it in your daily life to heal your body and connect with a deeper, intuitive wisdom. 

You desire to be a masterful ALCHEMIST OF EMOTION. Understand how to work with what your emotions are trying to tell you and move any stuck/frozen energy out of your body in a sacred, conscious way.

  • You long to create your own reality and be free of limiting expectations and judgments for good!
  • You are ready to be a supportive part of a beautiful Tribe of like-minded soul companions.