We are coming into a new era and the year of the Dragon is upon us.

This year is ripe for growth, progress and abundance... if we can use the energy in the right way.

As women who are awakening to the emerging divine feminine frequency, often we are unsure how to direct the energy to serve our highest alignment.

We are deep diving in the tidal waves of new energy coming onto this earth with no life jacket and no map to show us how this goes.

We are the ones meant to lead with no model of how to play.

Our direction must go within to access the Divine Intelligence from Source so we can remember the information we need.

On December 12th an energy portal opens between the Universal Sun-Sirius and the Earth, allowing its inhabitants an opportunity to raise our vibration, connect to a higher frequency and step into a place of conscious awareness.

This powerful verve is the catalyst in which our souls purpose is ignited and we take a review of our past internal scriptures.

It allows the collective to dig deep into what is holding us back from a manifested vision. And creates a cosmic-door, a gateway for us to jump into Higher Self and Higher Guidance, where we access the information needed to move forward.

During this 2-hour window of wonder we will activate and assimilate the evolutionary energy that will propel you into right alignment so that you can gracefully ride the Dragon of your dreams in 2024.

Prepare a private and sacred space to move, breathe and meditate in. Recording will be provided if you cannot attend live.

This is a gifted workshop from my heart to yours 💎


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