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Thank you so much for honoring yourself and taking opportunity to raise our vibration together.

I am so honored you have allowed me to facilitate this transformation for you.

As a special gift to you, I am giving you access to LUMINOUS LOVE...


And now, the real work begins…

Yes, it’s true.

We are coming into a new era and the year of the Dragon is upon us.

This year is ripe for growth, progress and abundance... if we can use the energy in the right way.
Participating in the Awakening The Dragon Activation was the first step of your incredible transformation.
As with all transformations, integration is key.
To fully receive all the energy and integrate all the codes and frequencies we received during our Portal Activation, practice breathwork on a daily basis for two weeks, and observe how much more you receive.

LUMINOUS LOVE  is a guided breathwork practice, that can practiced as often as you like!
It is a 24-minute practice that is part of one of my premium programs. It's one of my favorite audios, which I have never released to anyone outside of my programs before.
It's a super special one. It's really beautiful, professionally done and it's a little taste of of the content that you receive every week when you participate in my programs.

Please know that everyone’s experience is different. Some may feel something the first time they complete the activation, others need 3 or 5 goes before it fully activates for them.

The beautiful thing about breathwork is that it is a skill as well as a practice.

Which means the more you do it, the better you get at it. And the better you get at this breathwork practice, the more expansive and profound your results will be.

I guarantee you, your reality and day-to-day will be elevated and more expansive.

Breathwork truly is a gateway to the limitless.

You will walk away from this experience as a changed and evolved woman.
And what a beautiful sight it will be.


And, if during your integration process you feel called to do deeper work around embodying your heavenly light, then I would love to invite you to experience the next step with me...

Women's Healing & Coaching Intensive


​YOU are a Divine Being
YOU are the Master of Your Domain
YOU are the Creatrix of a New World
YOU are Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful
YOU are a Sensual Seductress of Spirit
YOU Easefully Magnetize the Life YOU Desire
YOU are Radiantly Alive…

RADIANCE RISING will be running again in the beginning of January 2024.

This  guided  virtual program will allow you to remember who you truly are…
The true you who confidently vibes high and transforms any block, trigger, or challenge...
Who transcends old, stuck energy, and toxic programs that have kept you enslaved to conformity...
The YOU who only knows how to live in a place of ULTIMATE CONNECTION and luscious love for yourself...
Who has healed her relationship with the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within and embodied the fullness of her personal power and sexy sovereignty, so that she moves through the world with unwavering self-worth….

As a special bonus for participants of Awakening The Dragon Online Workshop, when you sign up for Radiance Rising Warrior, you will receive access to LUMINOUS WARRIOR, a journey of self-discovery, healing, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be devoted to self. This is a 7-week program valued at $650.00 USD.
When you book your spot now, you'll be taking advantage of the original pricing for my program. You'll pay only $5,500.00 USD for the Illumination Package instead of the new price of $6,200.00 USD. 
Radiance Rising will be increasing in price on January 1st, 2023.
Payment plans are available to make it accessible to almost everyone.

If you’re ready to reconnect with your body, sexuality, and empowered feminine energy, then please click the button to join us, Beautiful Light Warrior…